Changing the design of web push notifications in macOS

Changing the design of web push notifications in macOS

Starting with macOS Big Sur, web push notifications can have an extra line of text! Users will also be able to click on the new dropdown feature (upper right corner of the notification) that will allow you to display large images and interaction buttons, and your notifications will now also appear even when the user is offline!

Let's take a closer look at how web push notifications look like and how they work.

Web Push receives a new line of text

Prior to this update, notifications on Mac were limited to just a few words. In addition to the title, the body text only displayed 3 or 4 words. But starting with macOS Big Sur, notifications speak more and are delivered faster.

This is how it looks now:

Redesigning web push notifications on macOS

Extending notifications

Another interesting feature that appeared in Big Sur is the ability to extend push notifications to see a large image, the notification itself, and a few action buttons. Let's first show you what it looks like:

Redesigning web push notifications on macOS

To expand the notification, the user just needs to click on the ^ in the upper right corner. By the way, you can now do this from the Action Center too!

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