Web push.World services comparison.

Web push.World services comparison.

The push notifications technology, quickly gained popularity all over the world due to easy integration and visitors’ good attitude to this. Now almost every owner of the site, who pays attention to the development of his business, is thinking about the introduction of this technology. As usual, the question arises: how to choose?

All over the world, there are more than a hundred decisions of different levels of quality and cost, but we talk about a few of them.

Among the solutions presented by the Russian market leaders are the following companies: Push.World, Push Expert, Sendpulse, Pushcrew, Gravitec, Push4site, Pushwoosh, Pushover, OneSignal, PushAll. What is the difference, you might ask.

Differences of the services are expressed in everything:

  • The presence of Russian-speaking interface
  • Real-time statistics
  • Tariff plans
  • Easy connection
  • Availability of technical support
  • Automatic scripts
  • The possibility to select topics of notifications for sending to users.

The most advanced services allow you to track the statistics of your notifications in real time. The number of messages delivered, the number of notifications, and the number of closings. These are the main and very important indicators. Another important parameter is the time when site visitors subscribe to notifications. Watching the time of activity, our users were able to improve the sending rates of more than 6% on average.

Easy connection - this is the main characteristic for the site owners, as so as it is not affordable for everyone to keep a professional team of web masters. Realizing this, we, and some of our colleagues, made the integration process simple and fast. Registration and integration of our solution takes no more than 3 minutes. Do not believe me? Try it by yourself.

Another important aspect is the availability of technical support. To evaluate the support service and the quality of service, it is enough to search a bit on the Internet. Numerous reviews will tell you everything. We are proud of our call center specialists and technical support, which show the highest quality results. You can evaluate the work of the support service directly from your personal cabinet.

Cost is a very relevant issue. Only a few services have completely free and unlimited tariff plans. The majority of services limit the free package by the number of subscribers, and after reaching the limit, they automatically direct the customer to a paid package, while the paid packages are also differentiated by cost and depend on the number of subscribers. The use of one of these services, may result in an amount of more than 20,000 rubles per month. It should be noted that foreign players can cost even more. But there are also completely free services. You may say that this is very good But, we all know – a free lunch;). Do you really think that companies spend a lot of money to support infrastructure, support service and promotion, just like that? Most of the projects in the field of browser notification automation belong to large advertising companies and agencies. Usually, in terms of using such services, it is written that the data about the site visitors can be sent to their partners for processing. This could mean that all the data obtained will be directed at improving the advertising campaigns of the clients of these agencies, among which your competitors are also possible.

We are proud that we can provide a completely free and unlimited tariff for our customers and expand the possibilities in the Premium tariff for just 990 rubles per month, without increasing the cost with the expansion of the database. We also do not share and do not send for analysis the data about our clients.

In conclusion, it must be noted that due to the innovative option of selecting the topics of notifications for site subscribers, our engineers managed to increase loyalty of users to the newsletters. The user receives only the information he wants, not everything about everything.

Whatever service you choose, our experienced team is always ready to help with the integration of technology into your business processes through consultations and training mailings.

Service for sending push notifications for the site - Push4site

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