Push-notifications for desktop and mobile devices

Push notifications are instant clickable messages delivered to a computer / mobile device. Sites can send push notifications directly to those who are subscribed to the newsletter in their browsers. Subscriber does not need to be on the site to receive a notification. Push notifications are delivered to both computers and mobile devices.

Push notifications for desktop and mobile devices. Push4Site technology.

How do push notifications work?

As soon as a visitor comes to the site, a window for subscribing to push notifications is displayed. If the user clicks "Allow", his address is added to the list of subscribers.

Push notifications for desktop and mobile devices. Push4Site technology.

Push notifications for desktop and mobile devices. Push4Site technology.

Benefits of using push notifications as a communication channel.

Push notifications can be used in different ways and in various fields, delivering your messages to the user confidentially in real time. Two fields that particularly benefit from the use of push-notification - an online shopping and information portals / news sites / bloggers.

Online stores can use browser push notifications for contacts with users at various stages of the purchase process. Use it:

  • To inform about new products
  • To announce the start of sales
  • To register and add anonymous users to the list of subscribers
  • To provide personalized offers and actions determined by the user's behavior on the site
  • To close abandoned baskets

Publishers and bloggers can use browser push notifications for:

  • Increasing in the number of repeated visits to the site
  • Receiving higher incomes on advertising due to the increase in the number of views and, accordingly, the visibility of advertising on the site
  • To direct traffic to the most effective content and increase the number of subscriptions and downloads
  • Promotion of instant content like urgent news, weather forecast, stock information, etc.

How can I start?

Installing push notifications on your site takes less than 5 minutes. Just create your free account on Push4Site, and we will generate a Smart Code for you. Place it in front of the closing tag </body> on the pages of your site. As soon as this is done, your site will begin to recruit subscribers by displaying a subscription window for sending push notifications when a user visits your site. Log in to the dashboard to track the number of subscribers. To send notifications, create a title and text in your Push4Site account and define the URL (with or without additional parameters).

Push notifications for desktop and mobile devices. Push4Site technology.

That’s all! Easy, free, takes less than 5 minutes. Start using push notifications right now!

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