Android Push Notification

You do not need to have an application to send notifications to Android users. With Push4Site, you can use your mobile site to send Android Push Notification.

Android Push Notification. Push4Site technology.

What are the benefits of push notifications compared to the Android application for distribution?

In the small and medium business segment, mobile sites cover more people than applications. Therefore, the coverage of notifications sent directly from the site is greater than the coverage of notifications sent by the application.

In addition, developing a quality Android application is a very costly measure. Many sites have not been able to get enough ROI to develop their own applications. So, if you're thinking about developing an application, push notifications for mobile sites can become an economically more effective substitute.

How does it works?

Android Push Notification. Push4Site technology.

1. Install Smart Code

Once you create your free account on Push4Site, we will generate a Smart Code for you. Place it in front of the closing tag </head> on the pages of your site.

2. Subscription window for the newsletter

When a visitor visits your site, Push4Site displays a subscription window for sending push notifications. Once a visitor clicks "Always receive notifications," he is added to your list of subscribers.
Android Push Notification. Push4Site technology.
Android Push Notification. Push4Site technology.

3. Sending the first notifications

So, you are ready to send the first notifications. Just enter the Push4Site information panel, create a title and text of the push notification - that's all!

4. Almost done!

Now your visitors will see your notification in real time. In the Push4Site information panel, you can track the delivery of messages, clicks and other statistics.
Android Push Notification. Push4Site technology.

Start sending push-notification for Android in less than 5 minutes.

Push4site — Push notifications service for your site

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