Segmentation of push notifications

Segmentation of push notifications

It has long been no secret for marketers that the cost of interaction with the audience has low effectiveness, if the marketing messages addressed to buyers do not take into account their interests and character.

You would agree, the segmentation of the base of their customers is quite simple. You know about the client almost everything: name, sex, age and even the frequency of purchases. But, what can you do if you know nothing about the audience?

This is the problem faced by marketers when introducing a new tool for communication with the client, via push notifications, to their sites.

Developed by the Push4site team, a tool for segmenting push notifications allows solving this problem for a variety of criteria:

  1. Geographical segmentation. Now you know about each new subscriber: the country, the region and even the city where the visitor of your site who subscribes to browser messages is.
  2. Visitors interests segmentation. Due to the tool for creating markers (tags) on the pages of the site, you can easily segment subscribers database in accordance with their interests in a particular group of products or services.
  3. Gender segmentation. Tags are also used for determination of visitors gender. Based on the assigned tags of the viewed groups of products and services, the system automatically determines and assigns the gender.
  4. Trigger messages. Personal messages for your customers that will easily replace any type of notification about changing the order status or any changes for registered users.

For maximum personalization, our marketers advice using different images in push notifications for different groups of subscribers, this possibility is already available in our service.

All this and much more is already available for Push4site customers.

Service for sending push notifications for the site - Push4site

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