Trigger push notifications

Trigger push notifications

One of the many tools for retaining customers is considered to be trigger distribution - personal messages for users.

What are triggers?

Trigger distribution – is an automatically sent notification that a user receives, after certain actions on your site.

To activate the trigger distribution, as a rule, users make the following actions:

  • Visiting a specific page
  • Registration on the site
  • Browse a category
  • Registration of purchase
  • And other options.

Due to the compliance with all three rules of good notifications, users perceive this kind of messages very well and they are willing to interact with them. The message is really relevant, because the user has not yet solved his problem, it is timely, because it gives a simple solution.

Thanks to this kind of push notifications, you can increase the number of purchases, the time spent on the site and the number of registrations.

How to use

The most important thing is to analyse user’s behavior and find out when the user may need help or a call to the target action.

For example: The user is looking through the category of goods, many of which are included in special offers, why not tell him about it. Another example is gratitude for user’s registration and transition of the user to the page where he could feel all the benefits of registration.

The implementation of these scenarios, using standard API methods, is laborious enough, and not every site can afford to have a technical department that will create these arrangements. Our engineers decided to simplify this process. Fully automated trigger notifications are already available in your personal account for free.

Target notifications or chain of actions - all this can now be implemented in a couple of clicks. And in the next release we will try to surprise you even more.

Service for sending push notifications for the site - Push4site

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