Welcome notifications on the site in one click

Welcome notifications on the site in one click

Last week we launched some interesting functions. The one will help you to increase the number of subscribers, the other will hold them for a long time.

Firstly, greet your subscribers with a notification as soon as you get their permission!

Sounds good. But I know the question you have: "How can I increase the number of subscribers by using this?"

Very simple! When prompting for a distribution, add a proposal for user. Once the user is subscribed, send the same offer as a notification. Therefore, you solve two problems at once:

Demonstrate what a notification is, and how it appears in the browser and that it is clickable.

Make an interesting proposal and can keep the visitor longer on your site.

Of course, the offer placed in the confirmation window will encourage visitors to subscribe and become a part of your marketing list.

Secondly - the quick unsubscribe button for your users

Why do I think this feature will help keep subscribers longer? After all, technically it's a cancel button. In the process of communicating with our customers and users, we realized that the way to unsubscribe from notifications in Chrome was not intuitively understandable. And many people are simply afraid to enter the door, not seeing where the exit is. Therefore, when we added Firefox support to our functions, we decided to make the unsubscription simple and identical in all browsers. So now, we have an unsubscribe button, which is displayed right on the web page that users visit by clicking on your notification. This allows users to unsubscribe at any time. Therefore, we build confidence and keep users longer.

This feature is now available to all customers. You just need to tick the box to install it for your website.

Service for sending push notifications for the site - Push4site

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