What is Push traffic

What is push traffic: features and benefits, efficiency and a little about arbitrage

Initially, push notifications were conceived as an auxiliary tool for the user: to remind about an event (both an online event and a real one, that is, held not on the Internet), notify about the release of a new article on the site of interest to the user, inform about discounts etc. etc. But the cunning fellow advertisers have altered everything a little-they figured out how to make money on push traffic. Let's understand what push traffic is, how it works, what traffic arbitrage is, and whether it is useful for business.

What is push traffic?

Push traffic (in English Push-traffic)-the client base of your Internet resource, which can be monetized or sold. Push-notifications (or in English push-notifications) are short messages that appear on the lock screen of your smartphone or PC screen. Some examples of push notifications:

  • Mobile:
    What is push traffic: features and benefits, efficiency and a little bit about arbitrage
  • Browser notifications from applications installed on your PC:
    Browser notifications from applications installed on your PC

Features and Benefits

Push notifications, in comparison with other mailings, have a lot of advantages, but they also have their own peculiarities.

  • An entrepreneur can build a customer base very quickly and easily. The reason for the rapid formation of the client base is that no personal data is required from the user: no phone number or e-mail address. To create a client base, you just need to connect the service for sending push notifications .
  • Users will be able to quickly go to the desired page of the site/application: just click on the notification.
  • The user can easily deactivate the subscription: you just need to go to the browser settings.
  • Segmentation of the customer base is a big plus of push subscriptions for entrepreneurs. You can categorize your subscribers by different tags. This will allow you to send notifications to users only on topics of interest.
  • The advantage for users is that push notifications are absolutely unobtrusive and do not interfere with anything: they do not distract users from their affairs and do not clog up their mailbox or phone memory.

Effectiveness of push notifications

Push notifications are very effective for businesses. With their help, you can conduct a good advertising campaign, promote your website or online store, or increase sales of a product or service. And now some boring graphs and statistics:

Imagine that you have your own site, which is the priority of traffic. Your site is regularly visited by 100 people a day (as shown in the graph). You don’t like it, because you thought and dreamed of something completely different. You decide to connect the push notification service to your site. After a while, you send the first push, which has an intriguing title and an equally intriguing description. And then again-and attendance from a hundred people soars to 500 per day. Then it begins to gradually subside and finally returns to its previous level. You like the previous effect and decide to push again. And again the attendance is at almost the maximum value. Well, what will happen next, you probably already understood.

Now imagine that you are the owner of an online store. Your income for one day is two hundred thousand rubles (as shown in the graph). This, as well as in the previous case, does not suit you. And you decide to connect the push notification service to your online store. You send the first push notification about a sale of, say, clothes. After a while, your profit for one day is one million rubles. Then it begins to gradually subside and returns to the previous value. I think you understand what will happen next.

From these two situations, we can conclude that push notifications are very effective and useful in promoting and promoting your business.

Service "Push4Site"

Our service "Push4Site" is the best push-notification service according to various ratings and numerous opinions of our users. We offer four very attractive and cool rates to help promote your business. All that is needed from you is to choose the tariff you are interested in:

1. Personal site
If you need push notifications for a private website with low traffic, then this tariff is perfect for you. The advantages of this tariff:

  • Increase in site returns;
  • Drive traffic to the best performing content and grow subscribers;
  • Share the latest news from your site with your readers;
Also the tariff includes:
  • Unlimited messages
  • Mobile/Desktop Support
  • Real-time analytics:
    All interesting indicators are available for viewing in real time in your personal account. For the convenience of control in external services, we have made automatic UTM tags. Use on health
  • Personalize your subscription
  • Create Subscription Topics:
    A lot of users do not subscribe to push-mailings because they do not want to receive dozens of notifications per day on topics they are not interested in. Change it! Create topics on which you will send mailings, and users will be happy to choose the topic they need and subscribe to your notifications.
  • Welcome Messages
  • Emoji support:
    Our service supports an emotional notification format-emojipush. Convey the full emotional gamut of your message! Your users will definitely appreciate it.

2. Small/Medium Business
This rate is perfect for business sites that are not related to online sales. Use all the many features of our service for effective and fast communication with your users. The benefits of this tariff include:

  • Informing about new products and products;
  • Delivery of personalized offers and promotions to users;
  • Multiple increase in the number of visitors.
In addition, the tariff includes such beneficial and useful things as:
  • API access: Powerful documented API code will allow you to implement all your complex ideas for communicating with visitors. Sending personalized notifications and implementing a loyalty program is now extremely fast and easy!
  • Trigger notifications (automatically sent notifications that the user receives after certain actions on your site);
  • Large images;
  • Lifetime of notifications: Is the offer for a limited time? How not to send an irrelevant message? Don't worry, we thought of everything. You can customize the lifetime of your message so that no user will receive an expired notification.
  • UTM tags

3. E-commerce:
A great and profitable e-commerce solution. Benefits and Benefits:

  • Marketing automation for non-personalized traffic of sending special offers and CTR over 15%;
  • Personal notifications based on site behavior;
  • Segmentation of subscribers by various tags;
  • Abandoned cart module gives + 7% sales.
Another tariff includes:
  • Unlimited messages
  • Personalize your subscription
  • Emoji support
  • UTM Tags
  • Segmentation: A huge set of tools of our service will provide an opportunity to create segmentation of various levels of complexity: from users of a certain OS to sending notifications based on interests.
  • Trigger notifications
  • "Abandoned cart": According to statistics, buyers abandon more than 40% of purchases without payment. Bring them back without complicated integration and programming, you only need to add three links and you will start implementing the forgotten baskets.
  • WhiteLabel
  • E-mail support: Our support team will always explain how to implement push notifications on your site and will help you do it. Contact us!

4. Enterprise
A powerful solution for large businesses. Professional consulting and customization, personal implementation manager, support 24 hours a day, dedicated servers, more than 6000 messages per second and all new ads for free and other delights. All this beauty is in this tariff.

5 steps to a perfect push strategy.

For your push email to be useful and beneficial, you need to think carefully about your strategy. We've given you 5 steps to create the perfect push email:

  • Define the goal of your campaign. It is from her that you will build on in the further development of your mailing list.
  • Calculate the time for sending push notifications. To do this, you need to take into account the specifics of the business.
  • The main thing you should think about is the frequency of sending messages. If you send a user 10 of the same type of notifications, he will send you where to go with your notifications. With each submission, the information in the message must change, otherwise the benefits of push notifications are reduced to zero.
  • If your message loses its relevance while it goes to the user, it will be very sad and sad. Therefore, you must correctly time the notification sending. Your subscribers should only receive relevant information, right?
  • Determine the relevance of the message. It is determined using segmentation and statistics. Segmentation allows you to distribute subscribers to different tags, and statistics allow you to determine what users are more interested in.

All these steps will help you create the perfect strategy for your push email campaign. And, of course, connect our service to make everything comfortable, profitable and efficient.

Push traffic arbitration

As mentioned earlier, push notifications were conceived for the convenience of users, but cunning advertisers altered everything a little, that is, they learned how to make money on these mailings. Now let's see if it is profitable to sell your site's subscriber base and how it will affect your business.

You can sell your subscriber base to the advertising network. An ad network is a system for placing contextual advertising (i.e. advertising that is displayed in accordance with the content of the site or its page), as well as advertising based on user behavior (i.e. what you are looking for and what browsing sites). From this we can conclude that such a platform acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher.

Ad network partners are usually infotainment sites that earn their pretty penny by monetizing push traffic.

How does this happen:

  • You sold the base
  • Your base is now under the control of some left-wing people, you can neither enter your personal account, nor view statistics, nor send a notification. The ad network does this for you.
  • The ad network sends notifications to its customers interspersed with notifications from your site.

And now let's brainstorm a little and show the results of such an action. The only result that suggests itself is huge damage to your Internet resource. Let's calculate the amount of damage:

  • You give control of your subscriber base to third parties;
  • The trust of loyal users, that is, those who have shown interest in your website content by subscribing to your notifications, decreases.
  • Huge audience churn and more unsubscribes.
  • Your website traffic decreases.

And this is just unethical. Imagine yourself as a subscriber. One day, instead of announcing the news of your favorite site, you get an advertisement for a remedy for nail fungus. It will be very unpleasant, and you will most likely unsubscribe, covering your once beloved site with all the bad words. Plus, you also violate the rules on the processing of personal data. Much use of this? No, not at all.

Buying someone else's push traffic is also a bad idea. This way of promoting your site is a spamming way of promoting. Imagine that instead of news you start to receive ads for fat burners, quick ways to lose weight, means to increase some parts of the body, offers dubious ways to earn money and other nonsense that the subscriber does not need. What kind of reaction will this cause? Certainly not good. Your notifications will most likely be unsubscribed.

When a user subscribes to notifications from your site, then he agrees to receive notifications from your site only and from no other. Sending information from other sites is the imposition of information that is often unnecessary and irrelevant.

Instead of doing such nonsense, it is better to connect our reliable service "Push4Site" and get a 30-day test period for push-notifications, and then select the traffic that suits you best.


As you've probably figured out by now, traffic arbitrage is a very bad way to promote your business. What does buying or selling traffic through ad networks lead to:

  • In fact, you are losing such a tool as push-mailings to promote and promote your business.
  • Losing user loyalty
  • To a large percentage of unsubscribing from push mailings
  • Your traffic will noticeably decrease

Buying push traffic leads to:

  • A powerful reduction in the company's image or even its loss.
  • Decrease in brand loyalty
  • A waste of money (and often a lot)

And you can also be sanctioned for violating the rules for processing personal data, since you transfer them to third parties, who, in turn, will do whatever they want.

In general, comrades businessmen, do not carry out illegal and unethical actions towards your subscribers, but do everything honestly and through a service proven by many companies.

Service for sending push notifications for the site - Push4site

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