Psychology of visual images

Psychology of visual images

Fact: The human brain can see images that are less than 13 milliseconds long.

Half of our brain is responsible for processing visual images, and we spend a lot more effort on understanding text.

Check it yourself:

Psychology of visual images
Psychology of visual images

They say one picture is worth 1000 words. It is for this reason, on the internet, that all channels are striving for visual content. Compared to 2007, the share of graphic information has grown by 9900%.

Push notification technology has already empowered marketers with 148 characters in a message that can be instantly sent to all subscribers directly to Desktop. But now this is not enough!

Push4site technologies allow sending messages with large pictures. With their help, you can better understand how the audience understands you and your brand. They allow you to provide more context for browser notifications and engage the imagination of your audience.

Psychology of visual images

Marketing emotion.

Do you know that emotions force us to act in one way or another at the moment of making a decision in everyday life? This is why emotions have taken a strong position in marketing and have an important place in building relationships with the brand's audience.

The same section of the brain is responsible for visual memory that processes emotions!

One of the definitions of a brand is the visual representation of a product in the mind of a customer. Emotions drive people and help you fuel your brand. One of the factors affecting the subconscious is color.

In 90% of cases, impulsive decisions are made only on the basis of color!

Use colors that evoke emotion. Just make sure they relate to your brand. This can be easily done on the thumbnail of the notification even before it is sent.

You can take advantage of 200,000 years of human evolution today with Push4site.

Psychology of Visual Images
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