Push notification service

Push notification service

Push notifications service , in the modern sense, is not just the ability to send messages to all subscribers without unnecessary problems and from a single interface, but a marketing tool. Like any toolkit, a push service must meet the highest requirements for reliability, personalization and data visualization.

Most free messaging services have rather poor functionality and serve only as an additional tool to drive traffic to the main services provided by developers. On the other hand, specialized providers that provide only a specialized service have advanced analytics, complex integration and programming capabilities, but they require a lot of time and company resources to implement.

All this determined the vector of development of our service. We conceived to make a simple and user-friendly tool that meets all the needs of a professional marketer, which could be easily implemented, configured and used, without special integrations.

Push4site - free push notification service , with extensive targeting, personalization and automation capabilities.

You can build GEO dependent segments or group users by interests on your site in just a couple of clicks.

Not by hearsay knowing about the problem of the absence of a particular specialist in small and medium-sized businesses and the excessive workload of these specialists in large companies, we have developed a set of automatic scenarios that do not require additional efforts to implement. One such scenario is message threads or triggers. They allow you to send to users

Messages on the achievement or non-achievement of certain goals on the site.

But the greatest attention, we paid to the development of mechanics for returning customers to abandoned carts. According to statistics, more than 70% of sets of purchases remain unpaid. Our Forgotten Cart Notification Service has 5 interaction scenarios.

1. A reminder about the incomplete purchase process that the user will receive a few hours after leaving your site.

2. Cart reminder - these messages will be seen by those users who did not respond to the first message or made a purchase.

3. Notification of a change in the price of goods in the cart, for everyone who has not finished the payment process.

4. Newsletter of popular products, which is based on the user's purchases and consists of similar products.

5. Reactivation message - designed to return the buyer to the site.

Not overlooked and reporting. Everything from the number of delivered or closed push messages , to the time of activity of visitors on the site. All this is already available in your personal account. You can use the new communication channel completely free of charge and without restrictions.

Service for sending push notifications for the site - Push4site

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