Welcome Chains Guide

Welcome Chains Guide

In the modern world, there are various ways to achieve audience transitions to a site or application, sending ordinary letters does not surprise anyone. In light of these developments, "welcome" letters have become popular.

Welcome emails-what are they?

Friendly emails or welcome-chains are emails that various sites and applications send after subscribing. This is a good offer for those who want more views and tell a larger audience about themselves, because friendly letters are viewed much more often than other mailings.

Most email marketers were of the opinion that such emails should be no different from regular mailings-text and minimalism. However, modern marketers believe that unusual designs, flashy headlines and various promotions are the right move to attract attention.

Why welcome new subscribers?

  • A good way to answer your questions;
  • Show the benefits and prove that every subscriber is valuable and valuable.
  • A great opportunity to learn more about the client and tell about yourself.

Welcome chain tasks

Working on "friendly" emails is hard and time-consuming. You need to think through everything to the smallest detail: the purpose of the chain, design, distribute topics. The goal is usually one-more views, visitors, app downloads.

Welcome Chains are mainly used by online stores and apps.

  • Get customer information;
  • Receive order;
  • Share the best products;
  • Offer discounts or bonuses;
  • Provide links to accounts and the buyer's personal account;
  • Offer the client to download an additional application, etc.

The most important thing is to achieve customer trust and loyalty so that after the first push notification they do not have a desire to unsubscribe, delete an account or an application due to obsession.

These chain letters are mainly used by applications, online stores that sell something in order to attract more buyers. Customers love various discounts, promotions and bonuses.

Chain types

Chains help distribute information into several parts in order to convey to the client. In the case of online stores, separate discounts and promotions from links to various products.

There are three key chain letters:

  • Engagement;
  • Activations;
  • Reactivations.

Engagement chain

Engagement chain-aims to quickly attract customers through benefits and good offers. After subscribing, it is worth in the first great letter to thank the subscriber, this will set a good tone in further communication, do not miss any small details-contact the subscriber by name, thank, make a nice bonus, politely ask to subscribe to your social networks.

You can work with the motivation of the subscriber, show that you are not indifferent to the wishes of the client. Offer to take a survey to improve the service and give him the opportunity to suggest something new.

The next letter in the chain should answer the most frequent questions from subscribers: what to do, how to do it, and so on. You can provide personal recommendations, offer to help, later make a gift-free shipping, a certificate or a good discount on a product/service.

Activation chain

Activation chain-needed to warm up users' interest in any or all major offers/products. A letter of gratitude comes, then an advertising letter comes with an offer to purchase this or that product, the best aspects of it are shown, the benefit for the subscriber, possibly a valid discount or bonus.

Here you can work on the same principle as with the chain of involvement-to offer help, give the client the opportunity to customize everything and make a gift. It will be much more interesting for subscribers to make some purchases or use your services, if they will also receive something pleasant for this and see that you are not indifferent.

Reactivation Chain

Reactivation chain-works to return interest to a page, site or application. It is needed in order to return subscribers who have stopped responding to regular mailing. A letter with a bonus offer is sent, followed by phone calls, SMS-messages and social networks.

There are two types of subscribers: "dead"-those who have never opened letters and "sleeping"-those who have been interested in news and offers for a long time, and then subsided. There can be many reasons for this-from uninteresting content to the same annoying mailings. The information may no longer be of interest to the subscriber, he has solved his question and no longer needs your services.

What is the reactivation chain for? To increase the rating due to such subscribers. If they were interested in this earlier, they may be interested in it now. The main thing is to work with the content, come up with interesting bonuses and be similar to creating a chain in a responsible and original way.

How to create the perfect welcome chain?

Welcome emails are one of the first steps in building friendly relationships with customers. Customer loyalty is the key to a long-term relationship.

There are many examples of online stores that did not receive a large audience and only a few made purchases. It's about poor service. Usually store administrators think only about profit, few people are interested in expanding their customer base and improving customer relations. After all, it is pleasant to make purchases in a store where they are interested in your tastes, preferences and arrange everything at the highest level.

Some online stores catch on with unexpected gifts and pleasant communication, so that you want to order something else. Therefore, everything is important: service, design, surprises. If the technique is used with welcoming chains, then it is worthwhile to correctly prioritize. The main thing in this is gratitude to the client for his work when he places an order or subscribes to you, politeness and a text that evokes positive emotions.

Chaining guidelines:

  • Fast email sending;
  • Fulfilling expectations;
  • Use of customer information;
  • Brevity;

It is worth sending friendly letters immediately after registration or subscription, until the subscriber's interest has died away. New customers expect responsiveness and you shouldn't wait too long to avoid losing followers. And do not forget about promises-any information that is offered in a letter should be received by the subscriber.

It is also recommended to thank the subscribers for their work: subscribed to social networks-a letter with gratitude offering a service, made an order-gratitude and a small discount. You must always be friendly with customers, and from time to time offer new services/products.

The information that the client indicates in the questionnaire should definitely be used-starting with addressing by name and ending with interest in certain offers. Velcom chains should not contain unnecessary information-briefly and to the point. The essence of lucrative offers, current discounts and bonus offers.

The design is carefully thought out, the text is as welcoming as possible, everything should be perfect for the best first impression. The subject line should be interesting and clear to grab attention. To clarify what to do next, where to go-in general, to push the recipient to perform the action, the purpose of which was the letter.

For the subscriber's responsiveness, it is recommended to give him a gift: a trial version of the application, a free webinar or a discount on a product. You can give the subscriber a link to social networks by politely asking them to subscribe.

Triggered email chains are popular because of their effectiveness, so you should approach business with special responsibility and care, leave a good impression of yourself, please the subscriber and act rationally.

They can be configured for specific events-when a new subscriber registered, they made an order. These are event triggers. There are also regular ones-happy birthday greetings, reminders of something and reactivation letters.

Push notifications

Push messages are pop-up notifications on the screen. Consists of an image, a title, and a short nudge text. Push notifications are configured in the site code.

Such letters greatly simplify our life: they notify about traffic jams, weather and other life situations around us. Push messages perform several things at the same time: they provide useful information, increase subscriber loyalty. These chains are a great musthave for marketers.

The effectiveness of this method of messages is much higher than that of regular letters. For one push notification, you need to do the following:

  • Set up a shipping schedule-immediately after subscribing or after a certain number of days;
  • Come up with a title up to 50 characters;
  • Body text up to 125 characters;
  • Link to the page;
  • New push notification.

For a series of such messages, you need to come up with a common name, list of recipients, language, days and time of sending. It is much more convenient-less time is spent, everything is configured at once: messages for new subscribers and for those who have been using the services for a long time.

Benefits of Push Notifications

These messages are more convenient because you can simply click on them and go to the desired page. It's a good move to showcase a new product or offer, get more views, etc.

These notifications work both in the browser and on the phone-it is a simple pop-up window with certain information. Convenient and effective technology for attracting views.

Push notifications work for you in any case: they notify you of good discounts, talk about promotions and bonus applications. Any important information will not be missed and you should not worry that the subscriber will not see the letter.

Configuring Push Notifications

Our Push4site service for setting up push notifications and sending in browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox) will help you quickly and efficiently set up the Push Notification conversion chain.

As in other services, we have two types of use-free and paid (Premium) with great opportunities.

To configure and create notifications, you need to add a site, enter information about the site and click the "Create site" button. And after that a script appears, here you need to copy the code and add it to the site page.

Next, you need to open the page of the Push4site.ru site and select "Send Push" in the menu, a form opens where you need to enter the title, the message itself, the link and there is a preview function, click "Send notification" and the notification is ready.

It is possible to view statistics of subscribers and notifications, audience activity and the number of messages sent.

Service for sending push notifications for the site - Push4site

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