BUTIK. Is a multi-brand department store and online store with almost 20 years of history. On an area of 5,000 square meters, 350 brands of clothing, footwear and accessories are presented.

The assortment of the department store completely coincides with the goods presented on the site. Customers can select and book items online, and try on and buy at a department store. The company's development strategy is based on returning and retaining repeat customers.

Therefore, special attention is paid to direct marketing channels through which promotions are implemented, notifications of new arrivals, start of promotions and sales, upsell mechanics for those who made a purchase for the first time, and welcome-back for those who leave and inactive.

Evgeny Rebrov
Customer Retention Manager

" Push4Site service was recommended by the product team as the least expensive in terms of implementation time and resources. Having considered in more detail the capabilities of the service, the digital marketing department decided to start cooperation in sending promotional notifications (rich format) and trigger push notifications (an abandoned cart, and an analogue of an abandoned view in email)."

"In the first month, we collected over 4,000 subscribers who received their first notifications about the start of the seasonal sale. We were pleasantly surprised by the high subscription conversion rate. Retention specialists know well how difficult it is to achieve high conversion into subscriptions through classic pop-ups and subscription forms on the site without offering a discount on the first purchase or a monetary offer. And even in the case of a good offer, the conversion rate to a subscription rarely reaches 2% or more (and with DOI procedures, a confirmed subscription is usually at least 1.5 times lower). In the first week, we got a phenomenal rate of conversion to subscriptions - almost 8%! This was the reason for the implementation of trigger notifications and in-depth work with the service."

Implementation result: subscribers - 32,000, conversion to subscription 7.91%, maximum CTR - 9.5%!

" Trigger notifications an abandoned cart and a kind of abandoned view allow us to return those who hesitate to make a purchase in my first visit. The ability to send this kind of notification is especially relevant for stores with a high average check and a purchase period from the first touch point, reaching 90 days! An abandoned cart push notification is a chain of two notifications, the first of which is sent 30 minutes after the end of the user's session. And the second - after 24 hours. The time interval is adjusted in such a way as to exclude intersections with email triggers. Conversion for this trigger is 3 times higher than for promotional notifications that are sent manually.
“Abandoned View” is a notification received by users who have visited a category defined by the conditions, but have not made a purchase (users who have visited the cart page are excluded from the visit). Currently, we only use two “abandoned view” triggers - the female and male product catalogs. However, there are plans to expand to all product categories and thus “personalize” the notification even deeper."

"We strive to target our messages exactly to those who should receive them, and exclude those who should not (as a rule, these are users who recently made a purchase). And the segmentation of subscribers by region and subscription page helps in this. The tagging system allows you to select those who have subscribed to a specific page - this is important for segmenting notifications into narrow categories, for example, the release of a new collection of jeans or bags of a certain brand."

Implementation result: subscribers - 32,000, conversion to subscription 7.91%, maximum CTR - 9.5%!

"The Push4Site team helped set up the subscriber segments and tags we have over 40 for a wide variety of categories and brands. In total, it took us less than 8 hours from setting up to the start of the first campaign, and with the launch of trigger notifications - less than 3 working days. This kind of speed is especially important if the question is to test the tool and there are some doubts about its effectiveness (as we had before the start). At BUTIK, the test period became operational from the very first day, proving the high efficiency of push notifications."

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