Push notifications delivery channel

Push notifications delivery channel

Push notifications is a new channel for delivering short notifications directly to a browser or mobile application. High visibility and almost instant delivery, attracts more attention of marketers from different industries. Among the first Internet publications began to use push notification. Now the urgent news came to readers with lightning speed, which ensured maximum transitions.

Online stores and bloggers picked up the innovation. And really, there was no need to wait the visitor returns to the site and sees a banner or read an email, you can just notify everyone through the new communication channel and immediately redirect to the desired stock or a special offer page.

Short web messages have taken root in the banking sector, replacing expensive SMS messages, compared to which this channel is almost free. Sberbank was the pioneer. The channel for delivering Sberbank alerts, reduced the cost of communication manyfold. After that, many users of different banks received the last short SMS message: The alert delivery channel was replaced with push notifications.

Today, the majority of Internet sites around the world use browser notifications. Widely distributed and inept use has led to a negative reaction of many users. Although this is not a new process, and this is similar for each new channel.

A new trend, which was introduced by the most advanced companies, is personal notifications and technologies that allow to determine the topics for sending news to users. This increases the audience loyalty and involvement.

Personalization is the most advanced trend in communication with users. For a long time no one has been attracted by messages like: The best price for you! But the message: Dmitry, a personal discount for you for a new purchase - is quite a different story!

In addition to personal messages, many companies use trigger messages to automate the interaction with the audience and bring each user to the targeted action on the site.

You can try all these methods in your business already today and completely free.

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